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Quebec Online is a division of Michas Group Inc established by Michel Hassoun and his two children, Georges and Carole Hassoun.

With our strong network, we can help you  connect with local institutions by providing effective communication and innovation solutions.

Quebec is a welcoming and well-connected business and tourism destination.

We organize business and tourism trips to meet your specific needs.

Our custom itineraries involve personalized guidance and advice to help you adapt to the Quebec market.

Responding to your specific business and personal needs.

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Table for six 

Table for six 

About Table for six in Quebec Table for Six in Quebec is a concept that allows business professionals, singles and couples to meet in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere around a dining table for six people. Table for six people in Quebec will give you the opportunity to expand your social lives, making new friends and professional relationships.

Members of Table for six people in Quebec are from different professions that include Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc… Dinners are organized from Tuesday till Saturday. Prior to dinner, a Host/Hostess will be present to introduce you to the other members of your dinner party. We will offer you a restaurants of excellent reputation, well located and moderately priced If you have a favorite restaurant you would like to consider, please let us know. Each person will receive his/her own separate check. This allows you to order whatever you like to have. Regarding dress, we generally suggest business casual attire. The dinner will be completely discreet and confidential from our part.

You can apply by filling out the attached form . Table for six people in Quebec is a classy way to meet other persons. We bring together same minded people from compatible professions and age groups. After your dinner, let us know more about it. There are so many people around that have the same interests and who like to make a new friend, a love match, a business partner. We are here to put you together in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere

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